Neil Getzlow is a successful communications and public relations leader with more than 25 years of experience. Neil’s career has taken him inside some of the biggest brands across the globe. But his world was shaken up by God in February 2020. Just a few weeks before a pandemic locked down the entire country, he was blackmailed by a prostitute that he had visited in Chicago on a business trip. This set off a wild chain of events in the weeks ahead that ultimately led Neil to unmask all of his sexual sins to God and to his wife, Amy. One year after taking off his mask, his old life is gone.

Today, Neil is a writer, speaker and new author of the book, “Unmasked: Conquering Sexual Sin and Walking in Victory.” Based in Kansas City, Mo, Neil and his wife Amy, want to share their redemption story with the world in the hope of helping people who might be experiencing the same struggles they have gone through: trying to re-build a marriage in the face of having a spouse (Neil) that was addicted to pornography and infidelity.

Neil has appeared on several podcasts (The Hope Report, Spirit Fuel, The Blacksmith Chronicles) sharing his testimony and offering encouragement to men, women and couples on how to break free from sin and restore marriages. Neil will also be a contributing blogger for starting August 2021.

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