Priscilla Pruitt is the Global Ambassador and international spokesperson for Safe HavenBaby Boxes, a mission that works to rescue newborn babies from abandonment. She also advocates as the spokesperson for Safe Haven Alliance. The Safe Haven Laws are in all 50 states, and along with others, Priscilla works to support state efforts to prevent the abandonment of newborns through Safe Haven relinquishments. 

In 2008, she and her husband built three orphanages in Honduras, partnering with Impact Ministries International. Through her partnerships with Impact Ministries International and Safe Haven, Priscilla endeavors to expand education efforts into international borders, working towards planting baby boxes in all 55 Impact Ministries International orphanages in 15 different countries. The dream is to stop the current “gendercide” of 200 million deaths of baby girls in Asia. 

In 2012, Priscilla and her husband relocated their family to a small town, where there is no mall, skating rink, bowling alley, or any type of recreation center – a HUGE culture shock having come from Dallas, Texas. Their goal and mission were to help with the suicide rate in Wyoming (the-then suicide capital in the US). They decided to start by giving local kids an opportunity to have a safe, nurturing environment and began a weekly youth group where they feed and entertain, personally covering one-hundred percent of the cost. That opened the door for them to mentor youth who have either attempted or contemplated suicide. Ultimately, they became QPR and ASSIST trained in suicide prevention, and this mission led them to build a recreational center, a place where kids can feel safe, accepted, and have a sense of belonging. 

Along with being a wife and mother, Priscilla is a homeschooler, entrepreneur, published author, speaker, international TV co-host of God’s View, and 2016’s Mrs. International. 

To learn more about Priscilla, you can find her at

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