In 2010, Meisha Johnson had a conversion in her living room that changed her life. Not raised with religion or at all in the faith, when this happened to Meisha, she was shocked. She says, “At first I was brought into a state of confusion and then conversion. Our conversions continue as our faith deepens and strengthens throughout our lifetime.” Meisha has been working in television ever since her working career began in 2006, but in mid-2018 she walked away from a lucrative contract with CBS in Philadelphia in order to work for God – to do His will full-time – in whatever way or capacity He saw fit. 
When she walked away from television, Meisha had no idea what she’d end up doing moving forward; she just knew she was called to be obedient. Tune in to hear her next steps, including a move back to her hometown in Minnesota from Philly. 

Most recognizable as a former News reporter and anchor for CBS Philly and FOX Minneapolis, Johnson has worked in television ever since her working career began. After a knee-bending spiritual awakening in ’09, however, Johnson was led to use her “gifts and talents” for the Lord — a calling she could not (and dared not) ignore. Currently, Johnson has put her television career on hold in order to complete a Master’s of Sacred Theology degree at St. Joseph’s College of Maine. Upon completion, she plans on pursuing her Ph.D and writing a book about her own mystifying conversion experience. In light of the Holy Spirit’s prompting, Johnson founded, a website dedicated to strengthening one’s faith through the Word of God and contemplative prayer. You can also find her on Youtube.

Johnson has a BA with Honors from Bethel University’s Christian Ministries program and is currently a Sacred Theology Graduate student of St. Joseph’s College of Maine. In addition, Johnson has a Minor in Scandinavian Studies, three years of additional Journalism coursework from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and a Swedish language fluency certification from Uppsala (Sweden) where she lived and studied for several years.

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