Join Beth on this week’s episode of Remorselessly Biblical where she teaches from the Old Testament story of Leah & Rachel…two sisters who were completely duped by the deceitful Jacob! 

Learn about the parallels of Jacob and Rachel, each having an older same gender sibling, and where the proverbial “sibling rivalry” abounded in some pretty big ways. Hear about why showing up and partnering with your sibling matters in the big picture and how God can use even the most deceitful among us to fulfill His plans – just as he did by using Jacob and Leah’s son, Judah, to bring us to Jesus.

4 Lessons from Leah’s Life for us to Remember:

1. A man can complement us, but he cannot fully validate us! Only God can.

2. People may not see my true value – but God does. Stop minimizing who you are to make insecure people feel better! You are who you are for a reason.

3. Our praise is not contingent upon our circumstance.

4. Always have a “now” praise! 

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