Did you know that you are a messenger? That the words you speak matter? What happens when we, as flawed humans, finally come into alignment and listen to the call – the one that tells us exactly who we were created to be? 

Join in and hear how Harmony Klingenmeyer is not only answering the call, but teaches and encourages us to be radically inclusive, to check our background privileges and understandings, and to heal our cracked foundations so we can finally come into our own personhood . . . and live an upright life standing in the aligned Presence of God and those we are called to serve.

A powerful, prophetic and purposeful leader – Harmony is an on-fire revivalist who is contending for a generation. She is wife to Scott, mother of three adopted boys and seventeen children out of foster care in the state of Oregon. She holds her Master’s in Education, and has spent almost a decade teaching in elementary and middle schools. Harmony is passionate about seeing the Z and Alpha Generations healed and restored. Harmony is the Director of Children’s Ministry at Garden Valley Church in Roseburg, Oregon. She is a leader of leaders and coach to many. She is well known in her community as a passionate and sound preacher of Scripture and as an advocate for the orphan in both the church and the community.

Harmony is the author of a compelling book called, “Hear Their Voices: APortrait of an American Foster Family.” In it, Harmony describes the process of how she and her husband Scott became foster and adoptive parents and the call that every believer has to minister to the Orphan. She does so with humor, candor and compassion, while presenting the huge societal need for parents to arise on behalf of this generation. This book is a wake-up call and an inside look at foster care.

Harmony has spoken on more than 30 podcasts, vlogs and blogs. She ministers locally, regionally and on national platforms, building leaders and bringing healing. She was featured as a speaker on Patricia King’s “Women on the Rise” show, and is a regular article contributor at Christianparenting.org.

Thank you, as always, for joining Beth as she seeks to live a Remorselessly Biblical life and encourage others along the way. Please subscribe and rate the show so, you know, other people who also matter might be able to find it!

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