Join Beth on today’s episode of Remorselessly Biblical with special guest Bincy Teodorescu. Bincy is the author of A Life Best Lived: Using Growth Mindset to Live Life Intentionally, an entrepreneur, and a passionate encourager of women–especially as it relates to their financial security. She is a certified financial planner and the owner of Kumon, an after-school academic enrichment program that has been helping children achieve success across the globe which seeks to cultivate a love of self-motivation and learning, in order to become independent within and outside the classroom.

When she was eleven years old, Bincy watched her brother die in front of her eyes. “We have a finite amount of time in this world and you can either choose to make it a better place, or you can choose the opposite,” she says.

Tune in to hear Beth and Bincy discuss how relinquishing control and leaning into hardships can often lead to finding your ultimate purpose.

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