At any given moment I have no less than 6.5 million thoughts in my head, each competing with vigor to move to the front of the chaotic lobed pack while forcing the others to the back of the messy jam, if for no other reason than they are better. They have more credence. More merit. More potential. More, more, more…

Shut up, I say.

Others may say ADD, ADHD, or some other acronym of a label I prefer not to affix to any part of me. Mostly because I’m finally ok with who I am, what I’m made of, and all the crap that has made me the me I am today. While that’s not necessarily interesting, here’s what is: perception. What people perceive you to be, wherein “perceive” equals…let’s be honest – “judging”…is a very interesting discussion.

…Wherein “discussion” equals “slippery slope.”

What is this, thesaurus dot com day, Beth? Stick with me, I’m making a point.

Who of you is guilty of vacillating between introspecting the hell out of yourselves so you can also annoying say, “I’m finally ok with who I am” (puking as I type it) and judging everyone else nonstop to validate those findings?

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Instead of telling you that was distinctly rhetorical, I’ll just state the obvious: yeah, we all are. From an early elementary school age, we are each guilty of those useless and exhausting time sucks. And I would further assert that since we -regardless of varying “religious” (puking again) affiliations- inherently know we are a broken, sinful, and judge-y people, the only way to deal with it and not go 6.5-million-thought-crazy is to accept who we are and leave the rest up to the only One who will judge us individually someday.

Let’s think about that for a second, shall we? Instead of what everyone else is doing, shouldn’t be doing, did do, didn’t do, probably may do, or like, ‘fo sho…did you see what she looked like?!’ must have done, let’s actually think about what THAT day is gonna look like when it comes.

And maybe try to get as many people as we can to want to see it too.

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