I’m in week 6 of 7 of class.  Just finished a “Close Reading” paper which I thought had a strange moniker since I have to read everything closely now in that, um, yeah…eye-sight after 40 thing.  Turns out all that crappity-crap people lament about is turning out to be true.  Self-fulfilling prophetic jerks.

Speaking of which, I’m up like +7 on the scale as of late.  I had to look at that closely too.  In fact I looked at it, hopped off, asked a few curse-laden rhetorical questions and then hopped back on.  Didn’t help.  But thankfully Liv asked me a couple weeks ago if we could do a 3-day juice cleanse when she got home for Thanksgiving break.  Well, she’s home, my fridge looks like glass jars and pure fluid, and I just had to skip coffee under the basic instructional heading of “You too can look like Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club.”  Super thankful indeed.

I just downed the first Green juice after adding a teeny-tiny amount of pure ginger.  Sweet Baby Ray’s! that stuff is potent.  I think ginger comes from a root, but my roots avoided farms and such like the plague in favor of cement and pizza.  I’ve always had a particular taste and love for certain foods although not always made the best choices (see circa 1991-93 pictures).

Today I give thanks for my baby being home from college, a dusting of snow on the ground, a week off from work, a visit to my parents for the Holiday, and…a man in my life that puts up with me, loves me, makes me cackle laugh every single day, and handles all the outside pressures and future unknowns with ease – otherwise known as his faith in God and inner strength.

Glad I’ve always loved fish.

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