Why is it that when we each say, “I will never do that again!” we mean it with the utmost sincerity, but given the right set of circumstances, it goes immediately out the window along with the fantastic dinner you just consumed?

I am not 19 anymore.  Clearly.

The perfect storm.  Super fun friends, off the charts humor and laughter, a fair amount of amiable competition, and way, way too much wine.  Or whatever it was.

Oddly, all I can think of right now is that I’m sure they’re all still sleeping – snug as little bugs in rugs – and will wake up and go on about their days like any other.  All the while, I can barely spell and am feeling like a Red Cross volunteer in my own home. 

My ex-friend’s birthday is in 11 days; her birthday party is in 13 days.  Here’s hoping she likes the blue-plate special and shuffleboard tournament we’re having.

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