My “job” allows me to meet many new people on a daily basis.  My interests, endeavors, hobbies – whatever you want to call the “stuff” that fills the non-working hours – allow for me to meet even more people from “different walks of life,” i.e. “non-corporate/non-‘white-collar.’”  Wow!  How many “quotations” are you gonna use in your intro paragraph you over-writer (Jim Carrey = “over-actor”), you? Seriously, what’s up with the “quotes,” sister?

Oh, cool.  Glad you asked.

First, let me tell you that it’s a really, really good thing I’m able to meet so many people on a daily basis.  There is NO WAY I could be employed for nineteen years at the same organization without that component.  People are interesting.  Being a human is interesting.  I’ve never not felt that way, even when I really, really disliked some of them for their treatment of me, others or themselves.

Getting to know people even if it’s within the confines of an exceptionally brief time span is more than just a pastime, job, or necessary evil for me.  As overused as the term is, it’s my passion.  I am passionate about people.  Sure, some of them aren’t all that great, but I’ve always wanted to know the why behind that reason.  Hey you, have you always not been great or are you just in a bad mood?  Hey sir, have you always been maximally mundane?  You get the point.

My fiancé (totally have to get used to writing that word – no, scratch that – totally have to get over what other people think about me using that word…getting to that, hold please) told me just this past weekend that one of the best things about me is my sentimentality for people, places, organizations, etc. with which I have been a part.  I’m talking it could date as far back to 1973 and if I had a fondness for it then, chances are, I’d still welcome it with open arms today.  Even as I type this ridiculousness, it never really honestly dawned on me until he said it out loud and Chels confirmed while she and I were on the phone, I recounted his assessment to her, and she scream-laughed something like…I’ve been telling you that since forever you moron.

He also lovingly told me in the midst of our philosophical discussion (which is one of the best things about him) – that while my sentimentality is a good thing, it can also be one of the worst.  Not to him, mind you, because he is selfless and puts me first; but rather, to me. To my personal growth. My hopes, goals, and dreams.

Of course it took me a second to process what he was saying, since my former self would have wanted to go into DANGER! DEFEND YOURSELF! mode.  But oddly instead, this new self which he has encouraged to be its best version of unfiltered, unapologetic, and unwavering just stood there smiling in disbelief.  Disbelief, I think, that I not only finally understood the disservice caused by being mentally stuck in 1991, 95, 97…->; but also that I no longer had to be.

Thanks, Ry.  You know I love you beyond any words this blog can display.

So…now that THAT sentimentality is outta the way – let’s get back to the meeting people thing.

Tomorrow.  I have a book that is calling my name tonight.

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