I saw Dana this week and she’s almost over her cold.  The good news is Grey did not get sick and he’s doing well overall right now.  Thanks for your continued prayers for that little guy.  I know he and his family appreciate them, even though I bet they may not be able to say so this morning since their voices might also be gone….Go Bucks!  Woohoo!!

Our Buckeyes are now in the Elite 8 on their way to the Final Four.  Hey, good segue.  The number 6 is in the middle and the 6 of us have raised….
As a team, I’m rooting for us to get to that $175,000 mark and show Indy and other cities what a place like Fort Wayne is made of!    Today will be my last post until Monday, April 8th.   I’m taking this Spring Break week off to hang with Liv, rest and recharge so I can come back and finish the campaign with everything I’ve got.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I recognize that.  While I will always be actively involved in LLS, there’s only a “first” once, and all the specialness which accompanies it.  The feeling can never be replicated.  So in the words of Eminem (cut me some slack, it’s almost vacation time!)…you only get once shot do not miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo.
Please don’t miss your chance to help make a tremendous difference in the lives of others.  We all have to give up something, just like the ultimate thing was given up for us…on this day.
Happy Good Friday.
28 Days.  Next time we talk, there will be only 18 remaining…



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